About Us

DataMatrix Systems, Inc. was founded in 1986 to provide integrated IT solutions designed to meet the specific needs of the customer.

Initially, DataMatrix served its customer base by designing and developing custom software applications. As the company started to grow, DataMatrix began to see the need for more of a complete solution to complement their software. The emphasis of the company shifted toward offering solutions to help the customer stay ALWAYS CONNECTED. Whereby, the company provides not only software, but a full spectrum of network connectivity products and integration services to deliver a complete solution.

Over the years the company has incorporated “best-of-breed” hardware and software products with an advanced technical skill set from a staff of professional system engineers and program analyst. This practice has proven to be a tremendous benefit to the growing customer base of the company. DataMatrix has provided custom software and networking solutions for a variety of industries including, Manufacturing, Distribution, Accounting, Financial, Construction, Health Care, Non-Profit, Membership and Public Utilities.

DataMatrix continues to evolve with the demands of today’s SMB and enterprise marketplace. The company pursues new technologies and products in an effort to provide the business community with state of the art I.T. connectivity solutions. By embracing the ALWAYS CONNECTED approach, DataMatrix can deliver a full suite of I.T. related services and solutions. These services include expertise with Network Management & Support, Network Security, Internet Management, Remote & Mobile Connectivity, and Cloud Solutions. Above all, DataMatrix is committed to providing the highest level of customer service possible. The commitment to customer service and technical excellence makes DataMatrix an obvious choice for organizations looking to stay ALWAYS CONNECTED.

Our Management Team

Henry N. Strohm | President
E: HenryS@GetDataMatrix.com
P: (412) 825-3600 ext. 112

Carl C. Krzywiec | VP, Business Development
E: CarlK@GetDataMatrix.com
P: (412) 825-3600 ext. 109

Jeannie Krzywiec | Office Administrator
E: JeannieK@GetDataMatrix.com
P: (412) 825-3600 ext. 100