Proactive Network Management

In today’s competitive economy, reliable access to critical information can mean the difference between success and failure for a business. Companies of all sizes are increasingly dependent on both internal information networks and the Internet for day to day operations. Often, if the network is not working, neither are the employees. Unfortunately, many companies take their networks for granted, waiting until issues arise before they address the problems. DataMatrix takes a pro-active approach for the management and maintenance of computer networks to ensure optimal productivity and efficiency while reducing the probability of downtime or catastrophic network failure.

Our ConnectCare support offering encompasses a suite of professional services designed to meet the specific needs of the customer. DataMatrix can also provide part time or temporary staffing to augment your IT staff, or to assist when key IT staff members are unavailable.

Features & Benefits
  • Regular periodic maintenance is the best method of maintaining optimum network performance and minimizing network down time.
  • A pro-active approach to network management can reduce costly re-active services.
  • By keeping your networks working, you keep your people working.
  • Maximized access to critical business information and the Internet.
  • Minimized impact of viruses, malicious spyware, and spam on your network.
  • More predictable costs by spreading out expenditures for required IT services.